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The Tailored User Experience within the Customer Service Portal

The Tailored User Experience within the Customer Service Portal

What does it take to make that one particular coffee shop, or chain, your actual favorite?  Sure the quality of the product has to be good, but what extra level of service do they provide that keeps you coming back again and again?  These days, many people want their caffeinated product served in a particular way, and in manner that suits them individually.  Soy milk instead of regular, two shots of espresso instead of one, and sure go ahead and add whip cream on top!  If that’s your drink, then you’ll find the store that will get to know you, and get you exactly what you want, and served with a smile :)  Customers want an experience tailored specifically to their needs. 

Our Creative Team at Cask understands that your customer facing service portal is far more than just an ordinary website.  It is a critical extension of your brand and the experience should be tailored to meet/exceed the needs and expectations of customers. The customer portal must also deliver a personalized experience that connects with them anytime, anywhere, and across any device.   Our collective experience in this field continually reinforces that a  “one size fits all” approach in customer portal design does not work, as your customers will look elsewhere for the products and services if you don’t deliver.  Today’s consumers not only expect, but demand that the online service portal experience reflect the culture, and the brand that they are interacting with.  

One of the central features in a tailored experience is the ability for your customers to truly connect with your business by allowing them to share who they are, and the products and services that they’ve purchased, or are interested in.  Once your business gets to know your consumers as individuals, rather than just hits on a website, the experience your customers have online will then conform to their specific needs and interests.  For example, once I’ve purchased a particular product or service and register that information online, the customer portal I experience as an individual will center itself around me by prominently displaying information on what I care about based on my purchases, versus simply showing me an A-Z list that others may see.  

Our Customer Service Management offering at Cask focuses on finding new and innovative ways for your business to deliver the best service and support that your customers expect and deserve.  Designing the tailored customer experience plays an essential role in those efforts, and we’d be honored to work with your business to make that happen.

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Written byMark Smiley, Principal Advisor

Mark is a Senior Advisor at Cask, Service Desk organizational expert, and has 12+ years of hand-on Service Management, Service Desk, IT Operations, Service Delivery and Consulting experience. Mark partners with customers across Technology, Financial Services, Energy, and Government industries to develop services and supporting world class processes.