The "Secret" to Service Management Success


The "secret" to Service Management success varies across organizations, as every business has a different set of people, processes, tools, and systems. At Cask, we recognize that every organization is unique, and we tailor our Service Management solutions to fit the needs of our customers. We have worked with clients across all industries and sizes, and at varying levels of maturity, to enable the Service Management transformation that is right for their organization. Join us on September 25th, to hear from Cask's customers. Service Management Client Services Specialist, Stephanie Keelan, will be hosting a panel with several of Cask's advisorsto hear about their "secret" to Service Management success. In this webinar, you will get the opportunity to hear the opinions of some industry experts based on their first-hand experiences:

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Are You Installing a Tool or Implementing a Solution?

Software implementations within companies have gotten a bad rap. Browse the internet for a few minutes, and you will find staggering statistics ranging as high as 80% of projects within organizations being recognized as failures. I don't believe that the software is to blame, but instead, I believe that the company doing the implementation does not have a clear idea of what they should truly be focusing on during their project. I suspect that in many cases they misunderstand the difference between "

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Show Me the Money in IT

Last week I was approached by a prospective customer who was struggling to get buy in from their senior leadership team for a project they would like to start. I asked her, "what's the value of your project?" and she proceeded to tell me about how much the project would help the organization and the huge impact it would have on their internal customers.

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Cask a Proud Sponsor of TBM Conference 2014 in Miami

The annual Technology Business Management (TBM)conference is coming up soon and expecting to bring together2,000 CIOs, CTOs and CFOsdedicated to transforming their IT organizations. Earlier this year, Cask announced a strategic partner withApptio, the leading provider of TBM SaaS applications, and we arelooking forward to providing best of breed advisory consulting services to customers looking to manage services and costs, increase cost transparency and further align IT with the business. Join Cask, Apptioand other TBM leaders this October in Miami.

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Options for Making Military Defense More Affordable

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During a previous blog, I wrote about cost growth crowding out defense capability. This blog focuses on options for making defense more affordable by presenting options to reduce costs in the defense budget's three largest cost drivers. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that operations and maintenance cost growth will grow faster than the rate of inflation despite the department's reductions in active duty personnel. The three largest O&M cost drivers (in order) are: health care, civilian workforce, and weapon system sustainment.

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