Cask a Proud Sponsor of Knowledge15

The annual ServiceNow conference, Knowledge, is coming up soon and expecting to draw nearly 9,000 IT Professionals dedicated to transforming IT service and service relationships across their enterprises. Join Cask at Knowledge15 - April 19th-24that Mandalay Bayin Las Vegas. We will be sponsoring the event along with other over 150 other sponsors! Cask is looking forward to the opportunity to join over 9000 IT professionals and ServiceNow expert attendees. Cask is the only ServiceNow partner that provides consulting services that support the end-to-end lifecycle of technology, by enabling the solid strategy and efficient processes that are critical to client success.

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The Crossroads of Economic Benefits Analysis and Technology Business Management

December 11, 2014

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Since my last blog post on Economic Benefits Analysis, I immersed myself in the principles of Technology Business Management (TBM) as a means for CIOs and IT Managers to better show how they produce value for their organizations. TBM helps IT professionals distinguish themselves as strategic partners in driving business strategies, and makes them enablers of "Business Growth" and "Business Transformation" rather than just another cost center or commodity needed for only "Running the Business". In fact, all the work I have done up to now for my clients in evaluating the benefits and costs of investing in Major Automated Information Systems (MAIS) has, in an oblique sort of way, been an attempt to show IT Business Value. Now that I understand this, I have determined that in some ways I have failed my clients by not showing them how to use this Value-of-IT information in conversations with executive management, Business Unit (BU) owners, and service vendors. Even though I met the specifics for contract delivery, I could have helped my clients to exploit their now documented value and cost transparency by positioning them as business and strategy decision makers. From here on out, I will be approaching my IT Economic Benefits and IT Business Case Analysis work from a TBM point of view.

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