Stop Defending Your Budget- Start Selling Your Services: Part 2

PART 2:  Communicating value starts with understanding what you sell, not what you do

In Part 1 of this discussion we talked about the challenges of defending your budget in an atmosphere where the underlying belief is that “IT costs too much,” and how difficult it is have a “value” discussion with your customers if you are not talking the same language (services).  We introduced the concept of a Service Value Chain and defining services as what you sell, and not what you do.  In this article, we will focus on alignment of your services into a customer focused Service Portfolio that is based on a market approach (offering what your customers need).

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Stop Defending Your Budget- Start Selling Your Services: Part 1


Have you been in a budget planning meeting trying to defend the costs associated with your department’s operation?  Maybe you are being asked to do more with a flat budget or you have already cut the budget beyond where you believe is prudent.  You try to explain the challenges of managing technology and the need to make investments to support the business.  Or perhaps you are simply trying to argue why the budget and allocations need to go up to meet additional expenses.  These discussions are usually difficult, especially when the underlying belief is that IT costs too much.

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White Paper: FITARA Compliances

Achieving FITARA Compliance and Objectives with Technology Business Management

FITARA is here, and your organization needs to learn how to be compliant. Download our latest white paper to better understand how to transform your IT organization using a TBM framework to best achieve FITARA compliance.

This white paper answers the following questions:

  • What should the CIO know in order to be a Technology, Acquisition, and Business Management expert?
  • What actions can Agency and Bureau CIOs, their delegates, and their offices take in order to accelerate their paths to FITARA compliance?
  • Which mistakes can federal CIO's avoid in order to best achieve success in compliance with FITARA?
  • What are the best TBM practices to implement in your business in order to ensure FITARA compliance?

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