White Paper: Stop Defending Your Budget and Start Selling Your Services

Does the thought of another budget planning meeting give you fits of anxiety? That doesn't need to be the case. Download our latest white paper to better understand how to use Technology Business Management best practices to align your service capabilities with business needs. This white paper will teach you how to:

  • Articulate business value by understanding what you sell, not what you do
  • Align your Service Catalog with a Service Portfolio to show value
  • Use the Service Portfolio to plan and forecast your service investments
  • Tune your business planning process to enable Service Portfolio Management and Investment Based Budgeting
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Business Simulations: A Positive Impact on Both the Organization and the Customer

As I have recently learned, whether you are looking to reinforce training, transform your organization, identify areas for improvement, or simply conduct a team building event, Business Simulations deliver immediate results. A group of employees and myself here at Cask recently had the opportunity to participate in a business simulation demonstration provided by Jan Shilt of GamingWorks, a Netherlands based company. The demonstration included an initial presentation regarding what a business simulation is, why it is valuable, and how that value is delivered.  We also engaged in two simulations during the demonstration: one focused on Cyber Resilience and the other on Program Management.

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Stop Defending Your Budget- Start Selling Your Services: Part 4

PART 4: tune your business planning process to enable an investment based budgeting

In this series of articles we have been discussing how to enable a service value approach that leverages a Service Portfolio with services defined and delivered to meet customer needs.   The services are based on what you sell, not what you do.  This is important as you try to dispel the common perception that “IT costs too much” which makes budget planning season so difficult.  Now we turn our attention to aligning these capabilities with financial management and business planning activities.

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Stop Defending Your Budget - Start Selling Your Services: Part 3

PART 3:  use the service portfolio to plan and forecast your service investments

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we have been discussing how to change the conversation with your customers to focus on their value instead of focusing on what you do. There is an intrinsic connection between selling services through use of a Service Portfolio capability and managing budgets based on “service” investment decisions. Understanding and aligning your services with a market orientation that resonates with your customers is the key. If you are not talking to your customers about the services they need, you are missing a great opportunity to engage in value conversations that elevate IT’s role as valued partner in business discussions.

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