FITARA Report Card Results Discussed on Federal Tech Talk Featuring Cask Director, Mark Larsen.

Radio Show Recap: Improving transparency through FITARA

Mark Larsen and David Cheseborough

Today’s guest are Mark Larsen, director at Cask, LLC, and David Cheseborough, president, AFEI.  Both have extensive experience with federal information technology projects and are in the studio to talk about FITARA, an initiative to improve transparency and efficiency of federal IT projects.

In this program we take a look at the meaning behind the FITARA scores released last week by the House Oversight Committee Review.  Partial FITARA grades have been given and now is the time for analysis.  In academia, grades are used for

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Cask in the Community

This past weekend, a small group of Coopers joined Habitat for Humanity in the building of a four-bedroom home in Stafford, VA. During the six-and-a-half-hour day, coopers completed various tasks including the demolition of a concrete well, the hauling of concrete from the well to the disposal bin, the weather proofing of both the outside and inside of the home, and the digging of post holes. The day was an eye opening experience filled with lots of laughter, hard work, and dedication to work site. Cooper Erin Ewing says,

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