The Art of Successful Contingent Labor Management: What You Need to Know

At its core, contingent labor is a term used to describe precisely that: a workforce that is hired almost exclusively on an on-demand basis. These freelancers, independent contractors and other versatile employees can work either on-site or remotely and often supplement and enhance the full-time people already hard at work for a particular organization.

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The Proactive Service Center vs. the Reactive Contact Center


If you’re an employee at a contact center, everyday life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster.  You’ll have moments of calm, followed by a sudden influx of calls and emails that catches everyone off guard. And, just when you think your day is done, someone will call to ask for help about a product you didn’t know your company even offered.  Yes, every day can bring new challenges at your company’s call center. At Cask, we focus on using metrics and data to help your organization better anticipate the week, month and quarters ahead.

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Best Practices for Aligning Your Organizational Priorities with Demand Management

At its core, Demand Management is a term used to describe the way that you predict, plan and manage the demand for products and services to create better and more profitable business results across the board. In terms of aligning your organizational priorities with Demand Management, there are a few key things you'll need to keep in mind. 

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