The Tailored User Experience within the Customer Service Portal

What does it take to make that one particular coffee shop, or chain, your actual favorite?  Sure the quality of the product has to be good, but what extra level of service do they provide that keeps you coming back again and again?  These days, many people want their caffeinated product served in a particular way, and in manner that suits them individually.  Soy milk instead of regular, two shots of espresso instead of one, and sure go ahead and add whip cream on top!  If that’s your drink, then you’ll find the store that will get to know you, and get you exactly what you want, and served with a smile :)  Customers want an experience tailored specifically to their needs. 

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The Proactive Service Center vs. the Reactive Contact Center


If you’re an employee at a contact center, everyday life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster.  You’ll have moments of calm, followed by a sudden influx of calls and emails that catches everyone off guard. And, just when you think your day is done, someone will call to ask for help about a product you didn’t know your company even offered.  Yes, every day can bring new challenges at your company’s call center. At Cask, we focus on using metrics and data to help your organization better anticipate the week, month and quarters ahead.

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