Demand Management: Uncharted Territory

When:  February 19, 2016 09:00AM - February 19, 2016

Kenneth GonzalezPresented by
Kennenth Gonzalez, Senior Consultant, Cask


In this session, we will begin our detailed investigation of the ITIL framework with Demand Management. It’s one of the lesser known and talked about processes from the Service Strategy book.

While some would consider Demand Management useful only to those who wish to amaze and confuse their peers at ITSM conferences, these same people would be surprised. An understanding and appreciation of Demand Management is an absolutely critical input to several practice areas which most consider “core” to ITSM.

During this presentation, we’ll talk about:

  • How Demand Management can be useful to you beyond what is written in the ITIL publications;
  • What you can use Demand Management for to improve your current practices;
  • Some of the methods you can use to get serious about Demand Management;
  • What you should pay attention to, to ensure your Demand Management investigations are going well